........a distinctive and emotional atmosphere; an intangible quality; "an air of mystery" ....... Oh Yeah Nice!

Emerging from the soot 'n' ashes of two Yorkshire supergroups The Vibe was born. 

From Bradford band "Silence" come Dave Manks on bass and Mark Cunningham on drums and from The Stranglers tribute band "Four More Heroes" is Jon Hall,  he of the guitar and Fender manual in the draw.

The band cover classic rock/punk/indie material along with some "off the beaten track" gems which puts them a little off the radar.

The set includes tracks from The Who, The Doors, The Stranglers, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Beatles, Feeder, The Automatic, Kings Of Leon, U2, The Undertones, Ten Pole Tudor, Blink 182, The Police, Electric Six, Kaiser Chiefs, The Ramones and of course many others.

If you are interested in booking the band you can contact them at info(at)the-vibe.net or check 'em out at a one of their GIGS and hassle the band for details of the extortionate fees and rider requirements.


" These guys are the best" great sound, great show, entertaining with a guaranteed unpredictable end to your evening.......and I kinda identified with that....". Charles Manson  - June 2007

"Never seen 'em" Charles Bronson - April 2007

" Despite their relative lack of glamour, these jobbing clowns have one of the most difficult jobs going",  Charlie Caroli - May 2007 (cheeky bastard).