Saturday 19th October 2013

The Cross Keys - Morley

Tuesday 08-10-2013

My Last Gig: Jonny Hall

Well as a lot of you are already aware the Cross Keys will be my farewell gig with The Vibe and after 35 years of being in bands my last gig ever. Although I have said that before on two other occasions (1992 and 2004 to be precise). This time I really really mean it...... honest!

So.......... I would just like to take this opportunity to have a brief rant here about mi tenure with The Vibe

Lets get the stats out of the way first: Hard to believe it was end of 2006 when I first hooked up with Mark and Dave and their finely honed plan for global domination of the pop world. After some intense rehearsing we played our first gig  at The Britannia (RIP) in Shipley 21 April 2007.

Seven years and practically 130 gigs later I'm checking out!

So that's 130 versions of Won't Get Fooled Again, 130 smashed up drum kits, 130 occasions of a semi-naked man running round a pub, 130 load outs, set ups, strip downs, load outs and back to Mark's garage - That's a lot of lifting for three elderly gents I can tell ya and brought with it a good share of strained backs, and trapped fingers. I suppose I managed to get my "tossing it off" quota in over the last few gigs following mi bike incident.

Oh yeah... on with the stats......  Dave zero string breakages, Mark maybe one, possibly two scuff marks on the drums and me with 17 and half broken strings.  I think that says something I think you'll agree.   ;-)

Just one more....18261 - The number of times Dave asked me if he could have a bit more vocals in his Monitor. To which my answer would always be - "I'll see what I can do but I can't promise".

So to wrap up this little odyssey, my thanks first to all the Vibe fans and all the support you have given the band over the last seven years. That's a lot of time and appreciation you have dished out I for one will be eternally in debt for that.

Now you all know who you are and so you'll also know you're far too numerous to mention here, but I will name check the following: Gav and Lewis, for the early years.  Matty, for his dedication in setting up the skittles and then picking up the debris after each holocaust,  Chris for his patience, comedy stand-up routines and white van scenarios. Martin and Wendy, I think you only missed a handful of gigs.

Mega thanks of course to my two accomplices Mark and Dave for seven years of great music, fantastic gigs, fun rehearsals, good laughs and creative recording sessions.

Any roads there I go rambling on.  On a positive note tho' I suppose we can all take some comfort in  that we've managed to sire a little Vibe of our own. We've named it `Population 3' a legacy we're all pretty proud of. Hopefully available at the last gig and all good Vibe members thereon.

Finally - best of luck with the next chapter for Mark and Dave as they reunite with Robbie from the Silence years - I for one, when I can, will be there heckling if necessary just like I was when I first met them.

This whole thing is a perpetual wheel innit, I climb off at the same point I climbed on. Connected and contented.

Catch ya further on down the trail.

PS. For Sale: 2 No. JBL SR4377A - PA Cabs - Good condition, offers over 600.

Wednesday 25-09-2013

We've got legs today - Liberate the slave

We've got legs today - Celebrate the brave

Climb aboard the iron horse

Push the pedals harder.... jackass

A rare update for ya. The album is very close to completion!!!  We've all been hard at it to get this thing finished.

The eleven tracks in no particular order will be

  •  I Wanna be Sectioned

  •  Daddy's Got a Brand New Gun

  •  Dead Line Wire

  •  Perfection

  • The Wreck of the Geoffrey Jones

  •  Other Side of the World

  • Shame on You

  •  Test of Time

  • I Don't Like This

  •  We've Got Legs Today

  •  Kill the Living

Please check the facebook link below for more up to date gossip.


Friday 19-07-2013

Saturday 10th August is at the Brewery Tap and not the Bridge Tavern as previously shown on the gig page.   I screwed up that one so a reet royal slapping for me!

A date change Vibettes - the Coniston Saturday 21st September is now brought forward by one whole day to Friday 20th September - See ya there!


Monday 17-06-2013

Well I'm back from mi trip to Treasure Island and happy to report that Marky Le Vibe completed his little bike odyssey and raised an impressive 1200 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance..... Well done Dude!!! Absolutbrilliant!

He is now a self proclaimed cycling "Afleet".........

Friday 26-04-2013

Our drummer lad has a brand new bike! - He got it off the net - He's been laying down the hammer.............. Read on....................

On May 1st Mark and his bike and the bike and Mark will be undertaking an epic cycle ride. Some 270 miles in 3 days in aid of the .

Day 1 - Huddersfield to Hull, Day2 -Hull to Scarborough, Day 3 Scarborough to Harrogate.

To date he's managed to raise over 900! He'd love to raise more. So any sponsors for his trip to the seaside and back would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the link -  https://www.justgiving.com/mark-cunningham3/

If you don't feel comfortable about sponsoring on-line you can text him on 07936210611 & he'll put you on his sponsor form.  He's been training his little legs off following in "Jon's slip- stream". 

So to everyone who's already been very generous Mark would like to say a massive THANK YOU!!!

Sunday 17-03-2013

Great gig last night at The Tap, despite the male strip and beer knocking competition down at the front!   Thanks to all the usual suspects for your support. See ya at the Coniston in a few weeks.

Saturday 09-03-2013

Well hello to me and welcome back.

As you can see from above we be in Idle on the 16th talking of idle `tis a thing that afflicts me on here so please check the facebook link below for more up to date gossip.


2012 Gig Archive added here

2011 Gig Archive added here

The recordings are coming on albeit slowlike - but we're gettting there. We've started mixes on the first six: Perfection, Daddy's Got a Brand New Gun, Sectioned, The Wreck of the Geoffrey Jones, Dead Line Wire, and Shame on You.


Gurners of the world unite

Fuck Yeah! - One drum - Forward march!

Thursday 06-10-2011

F*** Moi, an update - unbloody believable!

Finally - we are gonna commit some tunes in to the digital ether. This is hopefully going to be a two CD affair. The first a live recording of the next Cross Keys gig on Saturday 22 October 2011, and the second will be an albums worth of original material which we've been penning over the last few years This stuff doesn't usually make the live set but Jonny's has a new digikul portastudio and he's not afraid to use it now he's read the manual! First tracks will be recorded in the next couple of weeks. Soooooooooooo should make for a great present for anybody who likes to buy pressies after the Xmas festivities have long disappeared in to the dim and distant.  Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday 06-02-2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "What a lazy tosser I've been and how out of date this web site has been allowed to get into.

So wonder of wonders here is an update. All dates for 2011 added, Hope you like the new Splash Page! Fetching I'm sure you'll agree.

Dave is keeping the facebook page a lot more up to date than me on here so please refer to that for up to date info which'll probably catch up on here six months later.



Some pix from The Coniston / 11-12-2010


Saturday 25-09-2010

Well I just realised what a lazy tosser I've been and how out of date this web site has been allowed to get into.

I must not be so quick to be slow at updating this site!

Tuesday 23-03-2010

2009 Gig Archive added here

2010 Gig Archive added here

Pix below from The Cross Keys Morley - courtesy of "Brother Nigel Hall"


Friday  05-03- 2010

Some gig changes:  Brewery Tap on the 10th April is  Cancelled. A return to Garfield's Sports Bar - Saturday October 16th - Bridge Tavern gig to be re-scheduled. Cross Keys October 9th now moved to Saturday 30th

Thursday  24-12-2009

No winners on our little competition yet.  Thousands of entries....all wrong. Well who'd have thought The Vibe in Twenty Ten!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See ya on the other side of Big Ben.

Wednesday  02-12-2009

All gigs for 2010 added.  A free Vibe T-shirt to the first person that solves the following cryptic clue in connection with the new gig diary for 2010.  [roll on Marky's busted drums] "The gold at the end of this rainbow may help us get to play at 22 locations all over the capital" To win you need to identify all 22 locations.

Thursday 01-10-2009

Two great gigs over the last couple of weeks Brewery Tap and new venue The Sycamores. Lots of new faces in the crowd so we must be doin' summat right. New dates for 2010 coming in soon. Stay tuned; don't piss about with ya set.

Below: Pictures of a red-faced elephant on a roof.

Wednesday 02-09-2009

Fantastic weekend just gone at Acrestock 2009. After last years shitty rain it looked like more of the same this time around but the weather was kind (cold for the audience but nice 'n' snug 'n' warm for us up under the lights). Big thanks to Tony, Mike, Bev and Sarah and everybody who came and made it a top night. Some pix here more to follow.

In the meantime check out the gig archives for updated pix for gigs earlier this year.

Here's a link to rockofthenorth.com  (...........and scroll down). Thought we were okerleedokerlee.

Monday 17-08-2009

Reet... The gig at The Brewery Tap.... you'll never believe it but this... any way It's a bit sketchy at the mo, It's ON it's OFF it's ON it's O....who knows only the tea leaves will tell us. So check back at another juxtaposition in the space time continuum. Link Here

A big thanks to who turned up for our debut gig at The Cross Keys in Morley. We've a return date for Saturday November 21st. 

Tuesday 22-07-2009

CANCELLATIONS -  August 8th The Bridge and 15th Maguires in Leeds. Too little time play too much to do. 

NEW - Saturday 26th September - The Sycamores on Norman Lane in Bradford. Reet near the Onion Bahji Shop Yumm Yumm!


Apollo 11 Astronuts, 2009

One small step for Gav, one giant leap for Markind

Tuesday 21-03-09:

Sooooooo back in action last week at The Fox in Thorpe Willoughby. Great turn out form the local Willoughbies and a lovely evening trip out from our Bradford contingent complete with their new "VIBEOMNIBUS".  Singing a few of their favourite songs as the wheels went round. Chants heard included "Vibe omnibus takes all of us!".

Gig Archives now updated -  HERE

Some photos here down below (Thanks Andy And Tracy)


Middle 8


More End

Clik here for some more pix here clik here

Monday 05-01-09:

H  A  P  P  Y    N  E  W    Y  E   A   R

New gigs for 2009 added and more follow over the next couple of weeks. Roger and Out!

Click here for all 2008 news Archive

....and here's a piccy from the secret gig they did in Crete last year. These Cretins certainly know how to make the best band in Yorkshire feel welcome.

The Fox - Thorpe Willoughby - 25-10-08

The Coniston - Idle  - 08-11-08

Marky Le Vibes new drum kit.  Clik here for some more pix from the Brewery Taperooneestringer.

Wednesday 05-03-08:

Well its goodbye time: Sorry to see ya go my 'ol green friend. But I've smashed the f*** out of ya for the last time.

But he is still a happy boy!

...as he has a new suit for work!

Link thru' the thumbs below for a bit of Le Vibe Live. (Cheers Mr. Mike G)


Some new pix added in the galleries and oddzandsodz , and here's "One Ear and the Miniature Pumpkin Eaters night out!


Le Tap - 01/12/07

Davey Le Vibe                       Marky Le Vibe                            Jonny Le Vibe

Brewery Tap - 04/08/07

Wed like to thank all our families, friends and faithful for all the support and encouragement in getting the band together. This could be the last time we juggle the plates

Thanks also to, Gav, George, Tony and the beautiful Dr. Suchi Taylor for sorting the web site.

Be Seeing You